Let’s Work Together

Step 1 - Commit to Adventure

Bem vinda Adventurer, Wanderer, and Impact Seeker. Welcome!

If you’ve landed here at The Ecotourist, it’s very likely that you crave to have a greater impact with your life. To do something meaningful, but also fun.

You might be a little bit, or a lotta bit, bored with the current routine of your life. And you’re SO ready to jump into the deep end and go for your dreams.

Or maybe you’re just at the precipices, still too scared to jump. And it’s SCARY. I know. But sooo worth it.


JUMP.  just JUMP!

My take on it. Why change your life and who you are to fit a job?! That just isn’t you!

Like me, you’re looking for a way of life and making money that fits your change maker and globetrotter aspirations.

But more importantly, you want to do it YOUR way.

How though?

Mana, you’re in the right spot! I share my wisdom, weirdness, and especially my whoopsies on The BLOG. Follow me on my journey towards Unf*ckwithable, Sustainable World Domination. See you there girl. I’m rooting for ya!

And if you’re wondering who that mana is, I keep talking about…, I’m talking to you, girl!

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Step 2 – A PLAN for Sustainable World Domination

Ideas don’t always come to you in a flash of inspiration.  You can’t force them upon yourself either. Believe me, I try that all the time. Reality check… Nope. It still doesn’t work. …

You gotta be ready to capture your ideas, believe in them and yourself, and turn them into reality. Or else, an idea just stays that … an idea. And wouldn’t that be a shame?

Everything and anything is possible with an idea, as long as you put in the work.

This idea section for me is also still in the idea phase, but that won’t stop me from going for it. So  if you need some help with your sustainable changemaker idea, don’t hesitate to contact me for:

  • Strategic thinking sessions.
  • Advice/ kick in the bumm on going for your dreams (career-related, life-related,…)
  • Helping you take your sustainable business idea/ research project to the next level.

Let’s create some impactful MAGIC together!

My expertise:

  • (Research) Projects in Latin America (especially Brazil) related to conservation, sustainable (rural) development
  • (community-based) Ecotourism projects
  • a road to a more sustainable career and life that fits you in an authentic way
SPAR with me

Step 3 - The RESEARCH to support your SUCCESS

You’ve got the idea to change the world, YEAH! But you need data! Field data. Interviews. Scientific research. Online research. Everything you can find to support your project.


Just to cite a few reasons:

  • Knowledge is power.
    Supported by research your idea will be so much more powerful and successful as you’ve put in the time to prove that it will work.
  • Research leads to Clarity and Understanding
    Context is everything. There are always more sides to the story and more than one solution to an issue. Research helps you see the broader context of your idea. It takes away the confusion and leads to CLARITY.
  • Clarity leads to opportunities
  • Informed action & decision-making

Wondering what the outcome will be of your project? Research support can help you find the best way to approach your projects in the initial stages or help you adapt when new field data becomes available that will help you to drastically improve the outcome of your project.

Research leads to great stories.

No great essay, book, or project was ever written and started without powerful research to back it up.

It’s all about the data!

All that data! But so little time.

The thing is, data analysis and doing field work just isn’t your thing. You just want the final report! Or that well-researched blog series. (also see The Words).

Where you see boring data, I see stories. Stories can open the world and tell you about someone’s way of life, their livelihood, their dreams. These stories make your data more human – more relatable – more impactful.

For changemakers working in the socio-environmental field – you social entrepreneurs, NGO professionals, and sustainable tourism businesses – that are setting up world-changing projects, I support you in:

  • Fieldwork assignments (love those!), including interviews;
  • Desk research – Data gathering & analysis (i.a. qualitative; I love ethnography);
  • Writing copy (also see the world).

If you are looking for a researcher/ creative entrepreneur with a qualitative background in Latin American Studies, who can bring some flavour into your reports and make sure they are actually readable by other human beings… then you are at the right address.

My favourite topics (you know, the ones I actually went to school for):
  • social entrepreneurship,
  • (community-based) projects related to solving conservation issues with sustainable development solutions (e.g., ecotourism).

Link – Publications

Languages spoken (all fluent & professional proficiency)

– Spanish
– Portuguese
– English
– Dutch (native)

Lost in translation? No hablas español? Ou Português?  I can help you with simple translations.

Get that freakin' report done

Step 4 - The WORDS that'll bring your idea to LIFE

Words make the IDEA, the RESEARCH…  it’s basically all about the WORDS.

Words can empower you, inspire you, motivate you into action.

“My task, which I am trying to achieve is, by the power of the written word, to make you hear, to make you feel–it is, before all, to make you see.” – Joseph Conrad

Stories can support how you and your world-changing idea are perceived and research can inform those stories. In turn, words make those stories come to life, so that others can see the value of your idea.

Communication is an art form… But what if you’re stuck for words?

You are very good at the business side of things, the strategy, the sales… but the words… not so much.

Don’t worry. I got you!

  • Writing compelling copy for your website and other marketing copy
  • Storytelling
  • Blogs

Based on The Research, I can also help you with:

  • clearly written scientific/ policy-oriented texts for reports that can be understood by researchers, practitioners, and n00bs alike.

This blog is a virtual portfolio of my writing, but there’s more! Find more examples of my work on my publications page,

Give me the right words!