#AloCubano – The Many faces of Cuba – Experiencing the Tourist Bubble and How it was still an Experience of a Life Time

The many faces of Cuba

“¡Hola guapa! Hola leche. ¡Mi vida! I love you. Taxi. Taxi. ¡Flaca! Tss. Tss. You are so beautiful. Taxi or boyfriend?!” This is just a collection of the addresses you hear when you are two women travelling through Cuba. Besides the more unisex questions like: “Do you need casa? Gran Ma. Gran Ma. Is this […]

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Why I blog. Because, why NOT now?!

Why I blog. Because, why NOT now

Self-doubt I started this blog a few years ago, in 2014, but I stopped for a while, unsurprisingly, because of self-doubt. You know, those thoughts that hold you back: “nobody will read this blog”, “what if people will criticize my thoughts”, “what if people don’t find what I write interesting enough”… You probably have them […]

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