#AloCubano – The Many faces of Cuba – Experiencing the Tourist Bubble and How it was still an Experience of a Life Time

The many faces of Cuba

“¡Hola guapa! Hola leche. ¡Mi vida! I love you. Taxi. Taxi. ¡Flaca! Tss. Tss. You are so beautiful. Taxi or boyfriend?!” This is just a collection of the addresses you hear when you are two women travelling through Cuba. Besides the more unisex questions like: “Do you need casa? Gran Ma. Gran Ma. Is this […]

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Why I blog. Because, why NOT now?!

Why I blog. Because, why NOT now

Self-doubt I started this blog a few years ago, in 2014, but I stopped for a while, unsurprisingly, because of self-doubt. You know, those thoughts that hold you back: “nobody will read this blog”, “what if people will criticize my thoughts”, “what if people don’t find what I write interesting enough”… You probably have them […]

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Fidel Castro dies at 90. What happens now?

Fidel Castro dies at 90. What happens now

Ever since my studies (FYI Latin American Studies) our motto has been: “Visit Cuba before Fidel Castro dies”. Not because we were a fan of his regime per se, but because there was something intriguing about the man behind the regime. The quintessential rebel against what Capitalism stands for. The last vestige of Communism. The […]

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