How other Female Entrepreneurs can inspire? Seeing is BELIEVING that YOU CAN do it too.

How other female entrepreneurs can inspire? Seeing is believing YOU CAN do it too!

The internet is a massive source of inspiration (also a huge cause of procrastination, but OK…) for aspiring female entrepreneurs. Every time I go online I find strong women entrepreneurs and bloggers with websites, videos, and articles that provide me with my daily dose of mojo and sometimes a massive kick in the bum. The […]

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Let’s go back to being REAL humans. Get rid of the SHOULDA, COULDA, WOULDA and really OWN your blog, your bizz, your LIFE

Let's be REAL humans. Forget the shoulda, coulda, woulda and focus on being you.

I’m not into well thought-out blog posts. I usually hop into my feelings and ride that train. For me, that’s when my best stuff comes out. Plus, a glass of dry white, usually helps. I am just ME. Consistency and being on brand aren’t really my THANG, right now. I get all stressed out when […]

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