Boundaries – your Survival as a Woman (Entrepreneur) depend on them

Boundaries & your Survival as a Woman (Entrepreneur)

Saying “no.” “Drawing the line.” “Putting your heels into the sand.” “Having boundaries.” “Standing up for yourself.” These are words that should get more repetition in your vocabulary, like Destiny’s Child’s: “No, No, No, NO!” [ BOUNDARIES ] It’s difficult to say no to people, especially when your no’s are met with theirs. YOU: “No, […]

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When things seem impossible and you’re letting that keep you from moving forward

When the road ahead seems impossible

A while back, I was talking on the phone with a friend, who’s thinking of changing jobs. Anyone who’d meet this woman would think “Whoa. Now THAT is a successful chica.” I see her as a very confident person. On my self-critical days, when I’m in compare-mode, I’m jealous of her career success. She seems […]

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Stop taking yourself so seriously, chica. Life is already hard enough to navigate on most days

Don't take yourself so seriously

*Ugh* Sometimes I can be so serious about everything. It’s a wonder I don’t have a permanent frown etched into my face! And all that wonderful life just passes me by with all the worrying. I, for one, definitely need to stop taking myself seriously. All that worry isn’t doing anybody any good. ‘Cause it […]

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