You are gonna suck, and suck some more – at first. And that’s okay. Let’s do it anyway!

You are gonna suck and suck some more, at first

As a newbie entrepreneur – still green around the gills – scouring the internet for business advice, I sometimes get confused by all the things that you should take into account when starting your own business. Luckily some advice is more helpful than others, and the best online advice I ever got was: You are […]

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Why I blog. Because, why NOT now?!

Why I blog. Because, why NOT now

Self-doubt I started this blog a few years ago, in 2014, but I stopped for a while, unsurprisingly, because of self-doubt. You know, those thoughts that hold you back: “nobody will read this blog”, “what if people will criticize my thoughts”, “what if people don’t find what I write interesting enough”… You probably have them […]

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