Girl talk: Imposter Syndrome, Comparison-itis and just generally putting yourself down

Girl Talk - Imposter Syndrome

We all deal with it: Anxiety about if we’re doing things right; if we know/are enough (what some people call ‘The Imposter Syndrome’ or ‘Comparison-itis’); Basically, putting yourself down when you could be building yourself up. This post is about my experience with this debilitating practice and how my friends call me on it. Sitting […]

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A Latin Americanist? What is that?! – When you awkwardly try to answer the dreaded question: And… What is it that you do?! When you’d rather talk about your passions

My passion - I am Latin Americanist

My passions go from traipsing around a favela in Rio in 2004 to living on a semi-inhabited island in the Atlantic ocean in 2010, and trying to convince the Federal Police to let me extend my stay in Brazil (which didn’t quite work out as I had hoped)  in 2013! I love Latin America. I’m obsessed with Brazil. […]

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You are gonna suck, and suck some more – at first. And that’s okay. Let’s do it anyway!

You are gonna suck and suck some more, at first

As a newbie entrepreneur – still green around the gills – scouring the internet for business advice, I sometimes get confused by all the things that you should take into account when starting your own business. Luckily some advice is more helpful than others, and the best online advice I ever got was: You are […]

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