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The Ecotourist contemplating the Amazon
As long as I can remember, I have dreamed of being a female Indiana Jones or Lara Croft

I really love those movies! Having awesome adventures *cue in action theme song*. Traipsing around the rain forest. Fighting to save biodiversity. Eradicating poverty. Learning many languages. Meeting the locals and listening to their life stories and daily struggles. Maybe even discovering a gold idol or two.

After high school, I romantically thought I would study to become an archaeologist

My dream vision was to travel the world trying to find the elusive statue of Ah Uuc Ticab (the Mayan god of the Earth) in some temple in the Petén rain forest in Guatemala. So adventurous!


Then I found out that I was more likely to spend my days carefully brushing dirt from a simple household ceramic pottery shard. My dreams of becoming an archaeologist were shattered (no pun intended). I have … zero … patience, so that’s not me.

On studying what you LOVE: Latin America

Instead, following my heart, I chose to study Latin American Studies. My reasoning: I liked Spanish. Gabriel Garcia Marquez was probably a good writer (I’d never read a book by him at that moment). Latin America looked pretty in pictures. All in all, I’ve never regretted it. It was meant to be. The universe’s way of sending me in the right direction.

My first clue came during my first year of LATAM studies. I had the chance to go on a two-week study trip to Brazil. That’s exactly when it happened. Lightning struck.

2004. I fell in deep mad love with Brazil

with the people. the diversity. the cultural and natural riches. the food. the smells.


Brazil is just such a beautiful, adventurous territory. Don’t even get me started on THE AMAZON.

The whole Amazon region sparks my inner light.

Since then my passion for having an adventurous life, being curious, growing through experience, and contributing to a more sustainable society, has continued to grow and expand. Plus, I’ve added another addiction to the list: hiking & backpacking. 🙂

Be very welcome in this space where I share my adventures from the Mangrove to the City and vice versa to hopefully inspire you to live life to the fullest.