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Writer, online program creator + the creative mind of the quirky self-development and business babe blog The Ecotourist, now known as The Mangrove Concept.

¡Hola! I’m Susanna

Licensed Adventurer

Self-proclaimed Brazil NUT, plus the creative mind behind The Mangrove Concept – where I share quirky, honest self-help and business advice for adventurous Amazons, like you. With my blog posts and (future) online programs, I want to help you OWN a better story about yourself.

Because we chicas can do way more than we think we can. Our dreams may seem unattainable at times because of the obstacles we encounter on our adventurous Amazon journey. But brick-by-brick we have the power to change our lives and by association:



My Story

When I was younger, I was a bookish Dutch girl who loved playing outside in the ‘burbs of Rotterdam, NL. Growing up, I dreamed of traipsing around the globe (think: a female Indiana Jones) and getting into all kinds of adventures. So, as an 18-year-old dreamer, I decided to study Latin American studies.

But after University, those dreams were pushed away in favour of adultitis. I figured being an adult meant fitting into the Corporate world. But can you be successful as a creative, adventurous dreamer? I didn’t think so, at the time. So I tried, REALLY hard, at becoming someone I was not. (I’d call that typical round peg into a square hole behaviour.)

Three years ago, I finally realised that you can’t be someone you’re not and expect to feel happy, whole, enough, and successful. You have to bring your whole self to the table, which includes your talents, curiosity, personality, quirkiness, and your vulnerability.

I knew I had to stop waiting for someone to come and give me permission. Because living life on my terms meant I had to stop keeping myself small, AND:

Write a different story, with a beautiful heroine, ready to make a scene!

And now, today, I’m the founder of The Mangrove Concept (formerly known as The Ecotourist), a quirky media co. that helps other women OWN their voice and teaches them to tell a better story about themselves. With an online program coming out soon in August 2020, I’m proud to be an adventurous (and very quirky) influence on women and guide them into doing something irreverent and bold with their career and life.

Susanna Neleman

Bragging rights

Susanna takes you on her journey across this globe, sometimes over rolling mountain passes, other times walking on much more difficult paths. I see her as the bold (i)dealist, facing the world head on, putting it under a magnifying glass, and writing it down.

– Nineke (

She'll often give me new insights, not afraid of asking the tough questions and letting me see the things I struggle with in a new light. I'm sure she'll be able to help many others on their journey, either personally or through the blog. Keep being your awesome self!

– Lesley

Susanna is a creative storyteller. Her stories are personal and really inspiring. They give you that little push that you sometimes need. Full of humour and down to earth advice, I greatly recommend you read this blog.

– Iris

Susanna is go-getter with an open and creative mind. She is highly loyal and caring; but do not mistake her kindness for weakness because she is a pitbull when she is on a mission. Her writing is highly motivational and her exploration of female entrepreneurship is a constant inspiration to those of us who wish to push boundaries and break taboos. Susanna does this with pure honesty and kindness.

– Eva

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