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Abstract Expressionist Artist
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¡Hola! I’m Susanna

(Mostly) Abstract Expressionist Artist

Self-proclaimed Brazil NUT, plus the creative mind behind The Mangrove Concept – where I used to share quirky, honest self-help scribbles for adventurous chicas, and NOW decided to pivot towards an art career. Because sometimes we need to twirl in another direction.

Because we chicas can do way more than we think we can. Our dreams may seem unattainable at times because of the obstacles we encounter on our journeys, AND brick-by-brick we have the power to change our lives and by association:



My Story

Hi, I’m Susanna, a (mostly) abstract expressionist artist from the Netherlands. I create vibrantly moving artworks using a mix of media ― oil pastel, acrylic paint, (coloured) pencils, or ink ― whatever the work needs to express.

After losing touch with my creative side for about a decade, I started painting again at 31, taking Art Classes at the University for the People in Rotterdam (Volksuniversiteit Rotterdam), under the tutelage of Matthijs Waardenburg (an artist friend).

I realised that you can’t expect yourself to feel authentic, happy, whole, and enough if you don’t bring your whole self to the table, which includes your talents, curiosity, quirkiness, and your vulnerability ― basically your whole BODY. And that’s what I try to incorporate in my artwork. I hope it resonates with you and inspires you to do the same in all aspects of your life.

It’s never too late!

During the recent lockdown, my process started to evolve and become more personal. I began drawing every day ― abstract expressionist, partly automatic, loose, line drawings based on organic movements, inspired by my emotions, bodily sensations, and sometimes words, daily snippets, music, or movies. It was my way to process trauma and express myself physically during a difficult time. And it’s this energy in these drawings that I share with you.

It was the beginning of a new series, called “Somatic Resonance.“

Recently, I moved from the city of Rotterdam, my hometown for generations, to an island in the Dutch countryside, and a village called Heenvliet. I’m excited to see how my new surroundings will influence my work to evolve.

Susanna Neleman

Bragging rights

Susanna takes you on her journey across this globe, sometimes over rolling mountain passes, other times walking on much more difficult paths. I see her as the bold (i)dealist, facing the world head on, putting it under a magnifying glass, and writing it down.

– Nineke (

She'll often give me new insights, not afraid of asking the tough questions and letting me see the things I struggle with in a new light. I'm sure she'll be able to help many others on their journey, either personally or through the blog. Keep being your awesome self!

– Lesley

Susanna is a creative storyteller. Her stories are personal and really inspiring. They give you that little push that you sometimes need. Full of humour and down to earth advice, I greatly recommend you read this blog.

– Iris

Susanna is go-getter with an open and creative mind. She is highly loyal and caring; but do not mistake her kindness for weakness because she is a pitbull when she is on a mission. Her writing is highly motivational and her exploration of female entrepreneurship is a constant inspiration to those of us who wish to push boundaries and break taboos. Susanna does this with pure honesty and kindness.

– Eva

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