Awaken. Beware of that Golden Cage called the comfort zone!

Awaken - Beware of the Golden Cage called the Comfort Zone

I was sleeping through life until I finally awoke.

A few months back the frequency of my posts was inconsistent but I’m not apologizing anymore.

The truth is… I was  (and still am) too busy (or very productive) waking up from a sleep that lasted way too long.


I have been enjoying the smallest moments, the rays of sunshine, smelling the flowers, going on morning runs (sometimes), sitting in a small café enjoying a choco latte, yoga, joining a hike to welcome the coming autumn and think on what I might harvest in this time … slowly awakening to the beauty of life.


  • enjoying my new morning routine.
  • reading new books that fill me with inspiration.
  • writing my heart out.
  • letting go of old goals that aren’t of service to me anymore.
  • visiting art shows, cafés, etc.
  • going for long. long walks in Rotterdam (trying out some forest bathing).
  • I’m painting again!

I’m doing the things that give me energy and say NO to the things that don’t.

I’m calling it “My Year of YES!

And slowly I wake.

I say yes to the things that used to scare me. And, finally, I realise… that I was holding myself back for all these years by holding on to old dreams and keeping myself small (unconsciously).

Every time, I said no to a social event, going salsa dancing, visiting an art show on my own, acting out of fear instead of curiosity, I was slowly adding another bar to my golden prison.

Sometimes your comfort zone can be the most dangerous place for you to be.

Take note of your comfort zone. Does it light you up or make you fall asleep?

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