The internet is a massive source of inspiration (also a huge cause of procrastination, but OK…) for aspiring female entrepreneurs. Every time I go online I find strong women entrepreneurs and bloggers with websites, videos, and articles that provide me with my daily dose of mojo and sometimes a massive kick in the bum. The saying goes: “Seeing is believing.” Except when it goes for aliens, the metaphysical, and the universe, I do believe this is true. I let myself be inspired by other female entrepreneurs to help me believe that I can do it too – and so can you.

Seeing is – Doing.

Seeing other female entrepreneurs bring their dreams to life is very inspiring. By following female entrepreneurs, like Ashley Ambirge, Marie Forleo, Carrie Green’s the Female Entrepreneurship Association, and Danielle LaPorte, I can see that there are other Amazons that have gone before me.

It helps me imprint in my mind the truth, that – in spite of my fears and lack of confidence (which so many of us women experience) – I CAN START MY OWN BUSINESS  (yes, it needed to be a bold statement) – and not only start but succeed. It’s one of the reasons; I write the things I write on this blog – besides my obsession with Latin America, ecotourism and research.

As I was reading my weekly dose of one of my favourite websites, the Middle Finger Project, I read the following:

“I truly believe that the only reason cool things happen in this world is because we see other people doing cool things and then it GIVES US IDEAS. And not just ideas, but permission. If so and so is doing it, then it must be a thing, right? It is clearly not an impossible thing, nor a pipe dream, because I am seeing it with my own very eyes.

And this is how we progress.

This is how we move forward in spite.”

Ashley Ambirge, The Middle Finger Project

Female Entrepreneurs that inspire

Here are 5 tips by 5 inspiring female entrepreneurs that have helped me progress to where I am today: starting my own business.

1. Set goals with soul.

DANIELLE LAPORTE – Determining how you want to feel will ensure that you set the right goals for YOU, not someone else. The handy thing is as you keep track over how you are feeling over the year, you can adjust your goals if you notice that they don’t serve you anymore. For help with this, check out Danielle LaPorte’s website and books: Fire Starter Sessions & The Desire Map.

2. Confidence is KEY to achieving your goals.

MARISSA PEER – Believe and visualise that you can actually achieve your goals and you will. I can recommend Marisa Peer’s book Ultimate Confidence. To give you an idea of her work, she has a few video’s on youtube (my favourite: “How to teach your mind that everything is available to you“).

The quote that has got me through a lot of self-doubt last year was:

“There is no one else in the world exactly like you, hasn’t been before, isn’t now and never will be again anyone on the planet quite like you, and that means that you are here for a purpose with something to offer.”

(Marisa Peers, Ultimate Confidence)

3. Set better goals, because the world needs you

MARIE FORLEO – [Tweet “The world needs that special gift that only you have.” | Marie Forleo #femaleentrepreneurquote”]

This is something I try to keep at the forefront of my mind when I’m stuck in a Conformist and Fixed mindset. You have gifts, and it’s important to develop them because you have something to contribute to this world. Who are you to deny the world your unlimited potential? If you say, yes who am I to do that, check out Maria Forleo’s  Marie TV on creating the business and life you love.

4. Don’t wait to feel ready to set those goals

“Despite what you might think, you are always ready to start.”

Challenge yourself. Set your goals high. Dream big, only you can do it for you. You can do way more than you think. … I can HEAR you… but I don’t know enough yet. YES, YOU DO. But I can’t really do that which I’m dreaming of. YES, YOU CAN.

Don’t believe me? MEL ROBBINS, in this talk, tells you that you have everything within your reach to accomplish WHATEVER it is you want. But you will stop yourself by listening to the bullsh*t in your head.

Don’t listen!

5. Find your Voice and be the female entrepreneur only you can be

ASH AMBIRGE from The Middle Finger Project will tell it to you straight! Your opinion about yourself doesn’t matter. There will be days where you’ll think you are a total f*ck up. But YOU are a LIAR. But don’t think you are the only one. I fall into this trap R.E.G.U.L.A.R.L.Y.

Like these 5 female entrepreneurs, I want to be a source of inspiration for you.

I want to be as honest as I can be about this scary journey I’m muddling through.  Because like all the women I’m following, who are further along, I want to give you an account on what it’s like from my perspective – going for what you want, whatever that might be.

I’d like to take you with me, so to speak, on my transforming journey from being in a situation which didn’t fit me – like trying to fit a square peg into a round hole – to creating life on my own terms and being true to myself.

There are moments when I’m scared shitless and somewhere I feel like I could climb mountains. Sometimes I wonder why the hell I decided to go this route, others where it all makes sense, and I can see the path unfold before me (rare, rare moments).

But most of all, I’m just trying to have a good time. I don’t want to take life so seriously.

Let us believe in our unlimited potential and creating a life on our own terms.

Change the question: What if you don’t go for your dreams?!

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